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The range and variety of fastenings and turned parts EES Engineering are able to work is massive, with over 20,000 standard fastener, turned parts and coupling manufacturing; and made and sourced by EES from around the world, there is virtually nothing that EES cannot make for you.

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EES has a wealth of experience in fastener manufacture. Fasteners that can be made by EES are as follows; including fasteners for sheet metal, machine screws, wood screws, electrical, socket screws, bolts, washers, nuts, inserts, rivets and threadforming & self tapping.

Fastener Specifics:

Electronic Hardware

  • PCB Fasteners
  • Kingnut

Spring Steel Fasteners

  • Angle, Flat & Expansion Nuts
  • Cage Nuts
  • Edge Clips
  • Knob Clips
  • Push On Fixes and Caps
  • Spring Latches and Studs
  • U Nuts, J Nuts & Lock Nuts
  • Chimney Nuts

Threadforming Screws

  • Screws for Alloys & Castings
  • Screws for Plastic
  • Screws for Thermoset

Sheet Metal Fasteners

  • Rivet Bushes
  • Self Clinch Fasteners
  • Rivet Nuts and Studs

Threaded Inserts

  • Inserts for Alloys & Castings
  • Inserts for Composites
  • Inserts for Plastic
  • Mould into Plastic or Thermoset
  • Inserts for Thermoset
  • Inserts for Wood

EES Engineering providing original and modified turned parts, fasteners and cable couplings to the UK

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Contact EES

Tel: 01444 244733
Fax: 01444 236939
EES Engineering
Marchants Way
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 8QY


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Why choose EES ...

+ extensive range of fasteners, turned and modified parts

+ Great stock incuding brass, bronze, aluminium, mild and stainless steel and plastic

+ Multi sector line coverage manufacturing to

sole traders to large corporations

+ Variety of order sizes accomodated for

+ High standards and production quality, fast turnaround

+ Excellent customer satifisation


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