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Engineering Services

Milling, Drilling, Cross Drilling & Tapping

EES provide engineering services to mill, drill, cross drill and tap fasteners and for the modifications of these.They also provide crimping services to your fastener or coupling part. Working with a fast and reliable supply of steel, stainess steel, aluminium, brass, plastic, EES can create a bespoke order as large or as small as you require. They also use CNC Machinery to ensure your order is of the highest standard.

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Tel: 01444 244733
Fax: 01444 236939
EES Engineering
Marchants Way
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 8QY


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Why choose EES ...

+ extensive range of fasteners, turned and modified parts

+ Great stock incuding brass, bronze, aluminium, mild and stainless steel and plastic

+ Multi sector line coverage manufacturing to

sole traders to large corporations

+ Variety of order sizes accomodated for

+ High standards and production quality, fast turnaround

+ Excellent customer satifisation


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