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EES Engineering have produced turned parts, fasteners, screws, bolts, fixings, as well as modifications to these and mill, drill and offering tapping services to a wide range of clients across a broad industry base across Sussex and the whole of the UK.

ees engineering sussex uk brass threaded insert for rod rest in angling industry
Industry: Angling
Description: Used to connect rod rest. Brass threaded insert.
Material: Brass
Quantity: 5,000
Machine Used: STAR SB-16


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Why choose EES ...

+ extensive range of fasteners, turned and modified parts

+ Great stock incuding brass, bronze, aluminium, mild and stainless steel and plastic

+ Multi sector line coverage manufacturing to

sole traders to large corporations

+ Variety of order sizes accomodated for

+ High standards and production quality, fast turnaround

+ Excellent customer satifisation


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